This piece of conceptual art, entitled "We Never Learn," shows a dangerously overpopulated world with floating cities, parks, and layers that threaten to blot out the sky. Of course, that doesn't mean we wouldn't want to live there, flying cars and all. Although if you hit the ball out of one of those parks, good luck getting it back. And life on one of those lower levels is probably a horrible experience, at best. You not only get all the falling detritus from above, but very little sunshine as well. Still, for some reason the whole thing is hauntingly beautiful.

John Wu is a conceptual artist who has done extensive work in the gaming industry, including work on Resistance: Fall of Man, and Ratchet & Clank. You can check out some of his personal artwork, as well as concept art from both of those games at his website. If you're interested in "We Never Learn" or some of his other futuristic design pieces, you can buy prints directly from the Nucleus Gallery. It's nice to know that artists who do this sort of thing for a living still enjoy churning out their own artwork in their free time.