Over The Garden Wall Preview Is Crushingly Charming And Batshit Insane

Stop what you are doing and watch this sneak peek of Cartoon Network's new miniseries Over The Garden Wall. It is amazing. So amazing. It's got all the charm and wonder of a classic children's story melded perfectly with the strange modern comedy sense of today.

Created by Patrick McHale (of Adventure Time fame) the odd little fairy tale takes place in a magical forest world and honestly, it's just totally bonkers. I almost started weeping out of sheer joy when one character knocks over a frog's tadpoles and starts yelling, "Your babies!" It's just weird, and cute and great and all the things we love about this oddball animation renaissance we are currently living in. Elijah Wood voices the main character.


Over the Garden Wall will premiere on Nov. 3rd 2014, this clip was a special look for New York Comic-Con audiences.

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