In the short webcomic Outfoxed, a laundress saves a talking fox from a foxhunt. But then the fox decides that he should become a man and fall in love with the laundress – and she must love him back.

Dylan Meconis delivers this folktale-inspired story of foxes and men. A laundress hauling her customer’s clothes down a long road encounters a fox who begs her to hide him from a trio of hunters. She obliges, hiding him in her laundry basket. But after the hunters move on, the fox decides to forsake his vulpine existence for a human one and decides the laundress should be his lady love. She insists, however, that she could never love a fox, and he sets out to prove that he’s no longer a fox.


If you’re in the mood for more historically minded, flights of fancy, check out Meconis’s longform webcomics, Bite Me, about vampires during the French Revolution, and Family Man, which mixes werewolves and 18-century German theology.


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