You didn't see the ending of tonight's Outcasts episode coming, did you? Now this is how you pan back to reveal that there's a larger frame that almost nobody knows about — and it's coming to ruin everyone's day.


Spoilers ahead...

Holy hell, that caught me by surprise. Julius Berger continues to find ways to out-Baltar Gaius Baltar, and now it turns out he's got one colossal trick up his sleeve. The writers of V should take some notes, because they've tried to pull this kind of end-of-episode reveal several times, and they've never pulled it off.


So is there any possibility that Berger's plans to destabilize Richard Tate aren't connected to Richard's weird hallucinations somehow? It just seems like too much of a weird coincidence otherwise. How soon is CT-10 going to get there? (And are CT-10's heat shields going to work better than CT-9's?) Here's betting the ship shows up, like the cavalry, just as things are reaching horrible-shitstorm levels of crisis with the ACs and the power struggle?

Meanwhile, in last night's episode, we met the first man on Carpathia, the legendary Patrick Baxter, and he brought diamonds and an unnatural strength. What was up with those dead bodies he led our guys to, and all those diamonds? Plus what are the consequences of being bitten by one of the native life forms of Carpathia? And what exactly are the fauna of Carpathia like, and when are we going to see more of them?

Oh, and on a separate note, I am now totally a Cass/Fleur shipper.

What did you think?


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