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Some of the weirdest rumors about Incredible Hulk and Doctor Who have received confirmation from official sources, making us feel like our rumor-mongering was actually responsible journalism all along. To celebrate, we're dredging up some new casting calls from Transformers 2, not to mention some bitch-slapping Dragonball reports. There are also six new clips from Thursday night's Lost finale, including one which may shock you. And some pics of an overwhelming new enemy in Spectacular Spider-Man. Because spoilers are journalism at its finest.

Incredible Hulk:

IGN got to see some Incredible Hulk footage that explains how the movie will deal with retelling the Hulk's origin in the wake of the Ang Lee movie. The movie's opening credits show footage of gamma-irradiated cells dividing and looking all green and sciencey. Then we cut to Ed Norton in his Science Chair, preparing to Gamma-blast himself as part of an experiment in upgrading his strength, while Betty (Liv Tyler) watches through a window. Then we see the Hulk's hand clawing through the rubble of the lab. Betty gets injured, and her dad General Ross comes in and gets smacked too. Then Betty's in the hospital in a coma, and Bruce (back to normal) is guilt-ridden. General Ross is upset about the failed experiment and doesn't want Bruce anywhere near his daughter, so Bruce goes on the run.


And then we see a montage of newspaper headlines as General Ross hunts for the Hulk, including "GREEN BIGFOOT SPOTTED," plus memos from Nick Fury's desk. And there are crates of Stark Industries weapons (I thought Tony stopped making those?) The whole sequence ends with Bruce waking up, as if from a nightmare. He uses a metronome to calm himself.

Then later, the army tracks down Bruce in Brazil and he runs away, wearing his red hoodie of concealment. He runs into some thugs, who decide to beat him up — so he has to use martial arts to stop them without turning Hulky. He has a wristwatch that monitors his heart rate so he can avoid rising into the Hulk zone. But finally when he's cornered by the army and the local hoodlums, Bruce turns into the Hulk — and dispenses the smackdown.

Also, TV Hulk Lou Ferrigno has two cameos: one is as a security guard who tries to keep Bruce (disguised as a pizza guy) from getting into a science building, only to be bribed with an extra pizza. And yes, the rumor is true: Lou really did dub a few lines of dialogue for the Hulk to speak, which were processed to sound more Hulk-y.

And then there's a sequence where Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) is starting to turn into the Abomination, with spikes sticking out of him. One of his fellow soldiers asks how he's feeling, and he says "Like a monster." Meanwhile, a scientist named Samuel Sterns (who's the evil Leader in the Hulk comics) prepares to administer a Hulk-antidote to Bruce — but for the antidote to work, Sterns has to shock Bruce into becoming the Hulk first.


In another scene, the army throws Bruce out of a helicopter, his hands shackled — in the hope that the fall will get him excited enough to turn into the Hulk and stop the rampage of the Abomination. (Thus overcoming the "cure" that Sterns administered.) But Bruce remains way too calm as he plummets, until he finally opens his eyes and says "Oh, shit." He makes a huge crater... and the pissed-off Hulk climbs out of it. The Abomination and the Hulk collide, with the impact knocking the Hulk back hundreds of feet. [IGN, which has tons more details.]

Transformers 2:

Some new Transformers 2 casting calls have come out. They're looking for extras for a scene set in a Washington, D.C. museum. And a ton of extras for other scenes, especially college-age people. And supposedly star Shia LaBoeuf will be filming a scene at UPenn's Castle Fraternity. [Superhero Hype]



Some new minor Dragonball spoilers, including the fact that Goku will wear his "classic fighting outfit." And Goku's best friend is named Teto instead of Krillin, as in the original. Chi Chi and Mai fight in the tournament, and Chi Chi wins. [Dragonball Cinema via Comic Book Movie]


Doctor Who:

Tons of new spoilers for Saturday's new Doctor Who episode, and for a change they're from a semi-reputable source. The Daily Mirror newspaper says the "Time Lord is getting a Time Lady," in the form of River Song, the archeologist played by Alex Kingston. (I may be alone in this, but I think the "Time Lady" just means "Time Lord's girlfriend" in this context, not that River is herself a Time Lord.) And yes, it's supposedly true that River reveals that she and the Doctor have a hot romance at some point in his future. And the two of them do have a love story that plays out over the course of two episodes. [The Daily Mirror]


Responding (I think) to those spoilers, one guy on Livejournal says:

it's almost literally like I'm covered in bees. WHY, STEPHEN MOFFAT?! WHY MUST YOU BETRAY MY TRUST WITH BAD FANFICTION?!?! DO NOT WAAAAAANT!!!!



And Digital Spy is once again doing their obnoxious thing of posting real spoilers mixed in with fake ones. Off the top of my head, we already know there are two sonic screwdrivers in the episode (and apparently they don't work on wood.) And we already know the Doctor meets a "figure from his future" (the aforementioned River Song.) And it makes sense that the Doctor "rants against reading spoilers," since knowing your own future can be dangerous. It'll be interesting if the one about former prime minister Harriet Jones' biography having a shocking title turns out to be true. [Digital Spy]


Also, a few more snippets: something terrible happened in the 51st. century library in the past, and that's why it's deserted. And there's a "not very bright girl" named Miss Evangelista. [CBBC]

And here's a new clip from the episode. [Doctor Who Hideout]



Here are seven (!) new clips from Thursday night's Lost season finale:


Spectacular Spider-Man:

Spider-Man's enemy gang the Sinister Six will be appearing in this Saturday's episode of Spectacular Spider-Man, and here are a few stills:


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