Our "Tru Blood" Taste Test

I was lucky enough to be sent a test tube of the new vampire drink of choice, Tru Blood. The Japanese-manufactured drink, which curbs the vampiric tendencies to drink human blood, is all the rage on the new HBO series True Blood. This beverage has allowed vampires to come "out of the coffin" and join the rest of the human race. Much to the dismay of humanity. So what do we humans taste like to vampires? Click through to find out and see some Tru Blood television ads.


Apparently humans taste like very, very sweet candy. To be more specific we taste like incredibly super tart candy, like someone melted down the red Sour Patch Kids into a gooey syrup. I'm struggling to finish the whole test tube, but find it's easier when mixed with booze. It also packs a mean sugar rush about two minutes after drinking a little. If this is what vampires drink all day, sign me up. I love the idea of candy-flavored blood.

So in the end I recommend Tru Blood for people whose vampiric fang is also a sweet tooth. It's best served chilled and tastes better with vodka.


"This Bloods For You"

French Tru Blood Commercial

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