Our Toughest Question About The Originals: What does Marcel want?

There are a lot of question marks hanging over The Originals, the spinoff of The Vampire Diaries coming to television this fall. But when we talked to star Charles Michael Davis, we just had one burning question for him: What exactly does your character, Marcel, want?


It seems like Marcel already has everything. He's in charge of New Orleans. He's got the witches under control. What does he want that he doesn't already have?

I think it's like [how] Michael Jordan has, what, six rings? You know, he didn't stop after the first one. There's a competitive spirit, and I think Marcel has that. Plus he's a vampire, so he's going to be alive for centuries, so he's gotta have something to look forward to. [Laughs] And I think the confrontation and rivalry with Klaus is that, at the moment. Again, like a competition: You finally have a worthy opponent, and you want to test yourself, and be up to the challenge. Yeah, so I think he doesn't quite have that, yet.

So was he kind of bored before Klaus got there?

Oh no, he's always having fun. But I think it kind of seems that way, [because we see him] occupy himself at the karaoke bar, and things like that. But maybe... That's a deep question. That's actually a deep question! I'm going to have to go home and sit on the couch and really think about that, actually. That's really good. I think he is a little unhappy, yeah.

Could he franchise out what he has in New Orleans, to other cities? Like maybe Baton Rouge, or Atlanta?

Another good question. [Laughs] Maybe every time you see a McDonald's or a Chick Fil-A, there's going to be a pseudo New Orleans. That's also a good question — and a huge aspiration. Why would it stop at New Orleans? Good question, good question. Yeah, he might go to Dayton, Ohio — my hometown!


So Marcel could be the vampire king of New Orleans and Dayton, Ohio.

[Laughs] Dream big, baby!




I love Vampire Diaries, so I'll be tuning in for the Originals, but I just don't know how interested I am in Marcel as a character. I find the idea of New Orleans being a supernatural dystopia to be really interesting, and I guess I'm kind of intrigued by the special snowflake baby (although I find Phoebe Tonkin's character to be extremely grating), but Marcel didn't win me over in the pilot. But I'm willing to give it a chance.