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So this week in our favorite little Louisiana town, we got to meet more ridiculous vampires and watch one beloved character get the crap kicked out of her. Plus, True Blood is starting to get all Blues Clues with hidden messages to the future, which I'm excited about. Also there was a distinct lack of Sookie's bestie Tara Thornton, which makes me sublimely happy. Now if only they could figure out a way to get rid of that granny. I've broken down the second episode, "First Taste," into pros and cons with video examples.Was anyone else sad when they killed off my favorite couple, the Rattrays? I will miss their idiotic banter and white-trashy ways. After the Rattrays lay into Sookie's body with their feet, vampire Bill shows up and murders the two of them. But not before saving Sookie's life by making him drink his V-juice. She then gets very keen senses and can smell stuff better (lame). But more importantly this episode marks the return of the sec-tape vampire who is still bald and doing that eye-roll thing. Sookie runs into him in the very last minute of the show. This episode was more of a go-between than a fulfilling bite, I'm still not sure where I stand on this show and last night's screening didn't help. Bring on the dog-men and vampire vikings please, then I'll be able to judge more appropriately. But right now, I'm just not sure. Pro: Sookie is covered in blood, head-to-toe. There is blood everywhere in this episode. It's fantastic. Thank you for weighing out the breast/sex stuff with some good old fashioned coughing up of blood. Pro: Methinks there is something to this poochie always appearing when Sookie is in trouble. Then I spied a dog painting on Sam's wall that looked just like the dog that had been "hanging out" around the bar. Is Sam the dog? I haven't read the books, so I'm just glad I was sober enough to notice these things. Pro: Jason getting questioned by the cops completely confirms the "he's an idiot" stereotype, but he makes it work. I enjoy watching Jason sweat and try and lie himself out of a murder (even though he didn't do it). If he could only lighten up on the vampire hate a little. Still his loud-mouth moment at Bill when he comes over to meet the family suits his MO. Con: They killed off the Rattrays. Booo Hissss. I loved the Rattrays, they were the only ones who could pull off the Southern accent, and they totally reminded me of the bad second cousins that you were scared of. These guys were great baddies, I'm sad that Bill had to kill them and then throw their house on top of them. Look at them making out while beating the living hell out of Sookie, I heart them and I'm sad to see them go. Con: The scary vampires that pop up at the very end of the episode at Bill's house are supposed to be intimidating. When in reality they just look like the manager of a Hot Topic and his lame shop-keep. Con: Bill moves like The Flash. In a very odd moment where Bill came to save Sookie he zooms just like a superhero, I think that maybe we could have spent a little more time on that effect. Con: We still haven't got to see the Vampire fantasy sex den yet. I'm worried that I've spent most of my time while watching True Blood, just waiting and wishing for the vamp sex club and the vampire Viking. Con: Sooke and Jason's grandmother is the most annoying person in the history of the world. That is all. So will I continue to watch True Blood, yes. But only because I was promised more. Is this the episode that will sell the audience, heck no, but it had the glimmer of what's to come. It's like all second dates, you're both just waiting until you can do all the nasty stuff to each other. Was I bored while it was on, not at all. But if it doesn't pick it up soon and get deeper into the other characters besides virginal Sookie and old-vamp Bill I will be.


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