The twitter account @FacesPics exists for the sole purpose of rounding up one of the Internet's all time favorite things: photos of inanimate objects that look like faces.

The account's been around for less then a month, but already it's approaching 200k followers. Which kind of makes sense, if you think about it, because spotting non-face faces is fun and easy.


Pareidolia โ€“ the tendency to perceive random stimulus (e.g. a jacket zipper) as significant (e.g. ohmygod that jacket zipper is totally a piranha's mouth!) โ€“ is hypothesized to be a highly evolved survival trait. We're literally hard wired to spot faces, even where there aren't any. Pareidolia is why makeup artists can manipulate our perception of faces, and why a handbag can look like someone's angry mug:

Why coffee foam can remind us of a frog:


And why this jacket zipper really does look just like a piranha:

My personal favorite from @FacesPics' growing collection is this mophead, who is clearly not looking forward to today's work:


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[Spotted on COLOSSAL]