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Our New Favorite Hobby: Robot Shaming

Illustration for article titled Our New Favorite Hobby: Robot Shaming

"There are a lot of bad robots in the world(s)" reads the tagline over at Robot Shaming, our new favorite Tumblr. "We try to keep them in line."


We're absolutely loving this concept. Plus, it looks like the newly minted website welcomes submissions of all kinds of robots – rovers, satellites, fictional, real... you name it. Head on over and submit something! Up top, Voyager I admits to crying wolf about leaving the solar system the instant people stop paying attention to it.

Seriously, Voyager, you've been threatening to leave the solar system for so long now, nobody's going to believe you when you finally up and leave the building. What with your last stunt, especially.


H/T Dr. Hörst


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I constantly fail to warn you about the Uber creepy Dr. SMith that you are often left alone with.