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Yes, actress Jada Pinkett-Smith has signed on to return to her role as Gotham’s “most-willing-to-pull-her-own-eye-out-and-then-stomp-on-it” mobster for several episodes of season 2. So if you were wondering if Gotham was planning on getting any less absurd, the answer is clearly “no.”


We last saw Fish’s (dead?) body floating in a tank in the Indian Hill laboratory, where Dr. Hugo Strange (played by B.D. Wong) will be working when the villain makes his debut when the show returns in February. Two things I’d like to note: 1) Fish Mooney was frequently the dullest part of Gotham’s first season, because she was off having adventures that never came close to mattering to the main plot. However, Gotham has been impressively bonkers since season two became; if the show can maintain its streak with Fish, it may reach an entirely new level of terrible but entertaining insanity.


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