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Our life stories will unfold in 94 films about 94 elements

Of the 94 naturally occurring elements, we're on intimate terms with some, but others may be complete strangers. Oxygen (O), carbon (C), sodium (Na), calcium (Ca) - we can probably easily discuss their role in our lives. But what about tantalum (Ta), promethium (Pm), scandium (Sc), and Yttrium (Y)? What part do these elements play in our lives? In giving the naturally occurring elements a starring role in 94 films, the project 94 Elements aims to get us on better terms with these elements.


The other staring role in the 94 Elements films is us. Ordinary people, sometimes in extraordinary circumstances, all over the globe. The short films (5-8 minutes) out now tell the story ofSanjay and copper (Cu), Levan and gadolinium (Gd), Mamman and Hari plus germanium (Ge), along with Bob and oxygen (O). At just 5 - 8 minutes each, these videos offer a powerful and informative glimpse of the elements and their role in our lives.

94 Elements [via The Guardian]

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