Our Latest Look at The Suicide Squad Is a Veritable 'Tag Yourself' of DC Misfits

Hello, soon-to-be-dearly-departed friends.
Hello, soon-to-be-dearly-departed friends.
Image: Empire Magazine

It’s Friday, man. I’m just a Weasel looking for my King Shark.

After our very fun introduction to the latest easily-replaceable bodies of the Suicide Squad at DC Fandome this summer, the latest cover of Empire Magazine—revealed by James Gunn and the magazine on Twitter today—gives us our best look yet at the team all together.


The variant subscriber-only cover provides a fun twist. It adds the director himself to the mix as well as more alternate poses for a more relaxed version of the crew, pallin’ around, waiting to face impossible odds and almost definitely not make it out of those odds in one piece.

Aside from being cute, the cover gives us a chance to see the characters a bit more up close after their speedy introduction and behind-the-scenes antics teased at Fandome. Not just the “in-costume” anti-heroes, but especially the CG-heavy members of the crew this time, like Sean Gunn’s Weasel—who looks suitably distressed—and the love of our lives, Steve Agee’s King Shark. Just look at him! He’s a shark. Delightful, a shining, sharky light in the dark.

Empire’s December issue goes on sale next week, starting October 29. Cover dates, how do they work? Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more soon. The Suicide Squad—starring Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena, Joel Kinnaman, Peter Capaldi, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, Alice Braga, Pete Davidson, Michael Rooker, David Dastmalchian, Taika Waititi, Nathan Fillion, Storm Reed, Daniela Melchior, Steve Agee, Mayling Ng, and more—is currently set for an August 6, 2021 release (we’ll be updating this movie dates post if that changes).


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Zippy Zanderhoff

That seems like a large cast. How are they going to sufficiently develop those characters within a normal film runtime?