Our Gift To You Is Awesome

It's almost Christmas, but the non-denominational site that we are, we gave you a gift a little bit early: The Periodic Table of Awesome. But that didn't stop the Grinches pointing out what was missing.

Firstly, you people need to get your minds out of the gutter. The holidays are a time for children, people:

resonanteye: "this chart is so outdated. everyone knows cock belongs right there, next to boobs. it's the 21st century, people. and I want my scientifically categorized cock!"

Daveina: "I think sex might be a little high. Although it *is* difficult to obtain, especially in its enriched form. That said, if sex is on there, but the blowjob is not? I'm sorry, sex is cool but blowjobs are *awesome*."

Klebert L. Hall: "Come on, guys - only former Presidents think that blowjobs aren't sex."

antmansbigxmas: "I was worried that "boobs" would be omitted, but science doesn't fail."


That said, even when your minds were on more "clean" matters, there was still dissent:

AlucardNoir: "WTF? sniper before assasin? asasin before vampire? i'll even let the ninja pass, nut Bacon before the bat and mr.t? wtf?"

ACyclicUniverse: "Well, remember, the PToA arranges Awesoments in increasing mass and complexity, so it's the other way around."

AlucardNoir: "also, hidrogen is the basic element and source off all other via stelar fusion and wow, for this one it's freaking BACON!!! am i the only one that find's this wrong?"

ACylcicUniverse: "Well, let's be honest, would Chuck Norris's beard really be so full and butch without copious amounts of Bacon grease? And how would any of the fine men and women whose discoveries/inventions are listed here have the energy and focus to reach for the glistening, dripping stars?"

Evil Tortie's Mom: "Bacon is the foundation of life."

Gann: "Also - Water, the source of all life on earth, is now two slices of bacon wrapped around a piece of cheese. That sounds about right."


There were, of course, many absences from the list (apart from blowjobs) that got people hot under their festive collars:

DavidPFarrell: "A bit of a cop-out to have "D" for Dinosaur as Velociraptors are worthy of having their own entry (VR)."

Mathmos: "No pizza?"

Auragon: "No Samuel mothaf*cking Jackson? man, this is crap."

wolfman-al: "What about Werewolfes?"

geekgrrl: "what, no vikings?"

bookwench: "Wolves representing the canid family, but no liger? Trillobytes, but no ammonites? No Cthulhu? And WHY are ninjas before pirates, pray tell?"


The best suggestion to remedy all these errors came from falconrugger06:

I think io9 should create it's own Periodic Table of Awesomeness...with fan/commenter votes included (as it will INCREASE the AWESOMENESS EXPONENTIALLY)...


Now, that sounds like an idea for next year... But if we did do it, I have to warn you; Samuel Jackson's appearance in The Spirit pretty much rules him out of consideration already.

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