Our forgotten futures, now immortalized on paper!

Illustration for article titled Our forgotten futures, now immortalized on paper!

Paleofuture is one of the coolest blogs out there, focusing on retrofuturism in all its glorious strangeness. (We've featured some Paleofuture articles at io9 in the past.) And now, it's becoming a print magazine!

The first issue of Paleofuture Magazine focuses on "past visions of future food":

From soylent green to meal pills to farms in space, the FOOD issue takes a look at retro-futuristic foods the 20th century thought we'd be living with in the year 2011. With 42 pages of rare images, articles, and reviews it's a must have for any fan of the Paleofuture blog.


You can get a print copy of the magazine for $12, or a digital copy for just $2. If you've enjoyed Matt Novak's funny, bizarre looks at the futures we've left behind, then you should support this amazing venture. [via BoingBoing]

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Wait, they print magazines - on paper?? That's almost like an EBook. Cool.