Our First Solid Details About Japan's Next Godzilla Movie

Image credit: Toho/ScifiJapan.com
Image credit: Toho/ScifiJapan.com

Sure, we might have seen Shin Godzilla in action already, but even then, we didn’t actually know all that much about the King of the Monsters’ latest film. But now the first few details about Japan’s newest Godzilla film have arrived, including the fact that it’s a full reboot of the kaiju franchise.


Sci-Fi Japan reported the news that Shin Godzilla (which will be known as Godzilla Resurgence when it comes to the West), will depict the first time Godzilla has assaulted the nation—the third such occasion for the Japanese films, following the franchise’s evolution from the Showa period to the Heisei period in 1984, and then into the Millennium period with Godzilla 2000 (and not counting the Western reboots of the series, of course). It also confirmed the film’s Japanese cast,

Special Advisor Akasaka (Yutaka Takenouchi, right) meets with the Japanese Prime Minister (Ren Osugi) Image credit: Toho/ScifiJapan.com
Special Advisor Akasaka (Yutaka Takenouchi, right) meets with the Japanese Prime Minister (Ren Osugi) Image credit: Toho/ScifiJapan.com

The cast list isn’t too surprising for a Godzilla film—it’s mostly made up of government officials and cabinet members, Emergency services officers and members of the military—they’re the sort of people you’d expect having to deal with a giant monster attack on their country. But it’s still intriguing to wonder how they’ll handle a giant bipedal lizard with the power to shoot atomic energy out of his mouth.

Shin Godzilla hits Japanese theaters on July 29th.

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Actually this will be only the second time we’ve seen a movie depicting Godzilla’s first attack on Japan. Every previous continuity reboot has presented itself as a sequel to the 1954 film. The ‘84 film explicitly said that Godzilla had previously attacked three decades earlier, and the concluding film in that continuity, Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, was a direct sequel to the ‘54 film, with the monster being a creation of the Oxygen Destroyer weapon that had killed the original Godzilla. Godzilla 2000 didn’t explicitly mention the original film, but it was set in a continuity where Godzilla had been attacking for several years prior to the film (indeed, the main characters operated a Godzilla-tracking business much like tornado-chasers in the US), and online publicity materials for the film indicated that this was a second Godzilla emerging decades after the ‘54 original. All the other Millennium-era films overtly referenced the ‘54 attack as part of their backstories.

Even the 2014 American film said that Godzilla had been known to the military since ‘54, even though he didn’t attack Tokyo. And even the ‘98 Emmerich film established that its “Godzilla” creature got that name by mistaken identity with a giant reptilian creature of that name from pre-existing Japanese lore (or maybe history?).