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Jamie Mathieson wrote two of the best episodes of Doctor Who’s last season, Flatline and Mummy on the Orient Express. Now he has his own series coming to E4, the UK channel that was home to Misfits, and its all about multi-universe shenanigans.


The show—originally called Alt—follows two best friends, Danny and Milo (played by Blake Harrison and George Webster), who find themselves drifting apart as their lives change, until they are forced to go on the run across multiple parallel universes as they’re chased by a reality-hopping assassin. Although Mathieson wrote the pilot and co-wrote the first episode, the rest of the four-episode series will be written by Harry and Jack Williams, who wrote the BBC and Starz’s The Missing.

There’s some pretty interesting talent behind the show, but I can’t help but be excited for more sci-fi from the mind of Jamie Mathieson. That remix of the Magic Roundabout theme in the trailer is so delightfully weird I hope it’s the show’s actual theme tune.

Tripped will air on E4 in the UK on December 8th. (Thanks to David Alexander McDonald for the correction!)


[Via Den of Geek]