Our First Look at Stranger Things Season Two Is Just Gosh Darn Adorable

Illustration for article titled Our First Look ati Stranger Things/i Season Two Is Just Gosh Darn Adorable

The Stranger Things kids were already adorable enough. But now they’re dressed up in Ghostbusters costumes for Halloween and I don’t think anyone could be adequately prepared for just how cute it actually is.

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the first official picture from Stranger Things season two, featuring Dustin, Mike, and Lucas dressed up as the Ghostbusters. There’s no Eleven in sight yet, but still, it’s as exciting as it is cloyingly cute.

But, even better news: we’re getting an even better look at the second season really soon—like, this weekend soon. Along with the new picture, EW confirmed that Netflix will debut the very first teaser for Stranger Things’ second season during this Sunday’s Superbowl. The only teaser Shawn Levy could give? “The demogorgon was destroyed but evil wasn’t.”


We can’t wait.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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No kid had a Ghostbusters outfit that good in 1984.