Our First Look at How Agents of SHIELD Deals With Civil War

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Yes, it’s finally Civil War day! But while Cap and Tony duke it out over the Sokovia accords, the folks over at SHIELD suddenly find themselves having to deal with the fallout. Thanks to this new clip, now we know how the events of the film will have an impact on Agents of SHIELD.


Revealed by IGN, the clip shows an unsurprising integration of the new law governing superhuman operation into the show’s canon, that does not require anything from SHIELD itself to be mentioned in the movies. Convenient that, isn’t it? Check it out below.


Essentially, Coulson is being asked by Talbot to make SHIELD’s operations involving Inhumans public—something Phil doesn’t want, as SHIELD operates in the shadows, out of sight of the general populace (and anyone who could possibly appear in a major motion picture). Perhaps there will be a disagreement about SHIELD’s handling of Inhumans. Maybe lines will be drawn! Sides chosen! Some kind of... my gosh, some kind of civil war!

I’m shocked. I really am. Find out more about Agents of SHIELD’s tie-in to Civil War in next week’s episode, “Emancipation,” airing on May 10th.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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What about us Professor?

I’m using Cerebro to blank out everyones minds regarding mutants until the next movie....