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Our First Look at Doctor Strange's Swanky Magical Abode, the Sanctum Sanctorum

Illustration for article titled Our First Look at iDoctor Strange/is Swanky Magical Abode, the Sanctum Sanctorum

In Marvel’s comics, when he’s not flinging spells, Stephen Strange hangs out at 177A Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, New York—his magical “Sanctum Sanctorum,” the nexus of Strange’s supernatural practices. It’s no surprise that it’s going to appear in the Doctor Strange movie though, and it’s looking good.


The above concept art comes from, which revealed the image earlier today, as well as higher-resolution versions of the concept art revealed by Entertainment Weekly in its Doctor Strange cover story last week. While it’s not specifically confirmed as the Sanctum Sanctorum, the the designs of the windows and the massive circular centre window (complete with the symbol of the Vishanti—the mystical beings who grant magical power to Stephen) are all very similar to how the townhouse is often portrayed in the comics.


Aside from being the place where he meditates and entertains guests, Strange’s Sanctum itself is a hotbed of supernatural energies—and even has some TARDIS-esque “bigger on the inside” qualities. Hopefully we’ll get to see all that, and more, when Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4.


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I wonder how much he’s paying in rent for a Greenwich Village studio loft with a skylight.