Our First Look at DC's Long Awaited Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Animated Movie

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Warner Bros. animation first announced an adaptation of the iconic Teen Titan story arc by Marv Wolfman and George Perez over a decade ago—but it’s only now finally making its way to reality. A lot’s changed for the Titans since then, however, so our first look at the new movie gives us a few hints as to what’ll be different for the film.

DC has revealed, through the Hollywood Reporter, part of the Titans team that will be part of the “inspired by” storyline for the film: Blue Beetle, Terra, Robin/Nightwing, Starfire, and Beast Boy. There’s no Raven to be found in the images just yet, but one original part of the team in the original arc, Cyborg, will not be in the film, as he’s been upgraded to Justice League member status in DC’s animated movie universe.

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The Judas Contract—which, spoilers for a three-decade-old-comic, sees Terra betray the Titans and team up with villainous assassin Deathstroke to bring them down— is arguably the most famous Teen Titans storyline ever, one that came at the height of the team’s popularity in the world of comics during the mid ‘80s, but despite its reverence amongst comics fans it’s had a long, hard road to getting its own movie adaptation.

DC initially announced a Judas Contract movie for its animated slate all the way back in 2006, but put plans on hold in 2008 due to a purported lack of interest in the Teen Titans (don’t forget, at that point, the Teen Titans cartoon had been off the air since 2006 as well, so they were out of the wider public consciousness for a bit). Since then, it’s remained in limbo, until DC revived it as part of its 2017 slate alongside Justice League Dark and a Bruce Timm Batman and Harley Quinn feature last year. At least this time, it looks like it’s finally getting made.

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Angrier Geek

Nooooooooo! They went with this shit generic style they use on everything rather than trying to do Perez! Add to that more of the New 52 Titans rather than the original line up and I’m smelling disappointment. I mean who do they think wants to see this!?! Fans of the original story, that’s who. Why fuck with it!?!

And Nightwing in red still sucks.