Our first look at Captain America's full costume and a Twilight wedding night, plus Fringe is going to get even crazier!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

New photos give us our best look yet at Captain America's movie costume and some Twilight sex. Cast and crew explain how Fringe is going for broke in its new timeslot, along with rumors of a major plot twist. Spoilers!


Battle: Los Angeles

An interview with rapper-turned-actor Ne-Yo, who plays Marine Corporal Sparks in the film, reveals a couple small plot points about the film. The film opens with Los Angeles preparing for a massive meteor attack, which of course turns out be an alien invasion. The article reveals that it's the marines who make the big discovery that the aliens are behind all the "meteor" destruction. [The Boombox]

Illustration for article titled Our first look at Captain America's full costume and a Twilight wedding night, plus Fringe is going to get even crazier!

Captain America

At long last, we have our first look at Chris Evans in full costume as Captain America, complete with a helmet that features a shout-out to the iconic wings of his comic book version. The costume is designed to look like a "tricked-out airman's jumpsuit," with muted colors and relatively subtle decoration. [EW]

Breaking Dawn

Be still my beating heart, for here is the first look at Bella and Edward making the beast with two backs. (Having sex, for those who haven't read Othello lately.) It's just as tasteful and pale as you'd imagine: [Twilight Lexicon]


Wrath of the Titans

Star Sam Worthington confirms a March start date and explains why the sequel will be so much better than the first — a crucial component will be lots more Titans: [MTV Movies Blog]
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Sucker Punch

Here's a new poster for Zack Snyder's upcoming flight of insanity: [Yahoo! Movies]



Creator J.J. Abrams reveals how the show's time slot change has allowed Fringe to try even more daring things than before:

"When we made the move and [executive producers] Joe [Chappelle] and Jeff [Pinker] started pitching stuff, we thought, ‘Well, this will probably get a little pushback,'" Abrams shares. "But they [at Fox] were like, ‘OK, sounds good!'"


He wasn't willing to divulge much, but he did say that there were "visual things" coming up that, if he tried them on film, they would have gotten an R rating. [TV Line]

Costar Jasika Nicole discusses what lies ahead for the show:

"It's no longer about needing to communicate with them and say, 'Look, we don't want to be at war, we just want peace.' It doesn't really matter because the worlds are starting to come apart at the seams in a fundamental way. The trajectory of the show is figuring out how to stop that from happening, so that our universe doesn't become like theirs, because theirs is practically destroyed. The biggest tease that I can offer you is that this love affair between Peter and Olivia, which involved another Olivia, has not ended. You're going to get your first hint about what it means in the first episode back, at the very end. And if you blink you'll miss it. It's something at the very, very end if the episode - a little trigger - and it [points to] something that happens in the future. It's going to link the universes in a way that they have never been linked before."


There's a lot more at the link, including additional thoughts from Lance Reddick. [TV Guide]

An inside source reveals what would be a major upcoming plot. The source claims that the alternate Olivia is pregnant, presumably with Peter's baby. The writer claims to have sat on this revelation since the episode entered post-production about a month ago, but the news will be coming out in other outlets very soon. Obviously, we should treat this as highly unconfirmed until we know more, but it sounds like we'll find out one way or another fairly soon. Indeed, could this have something to do with what Jasika Nicole was talking about in the quote up above? [Olivia and Peter LiveJournal]


Episode 12 is reportedly called "Concentrate and Ask Again." [Zap2It]

Game of Thrones

Here's some awesome new set photos: [HBO]

No Ordinary Family

Episodes 16 and 17 will reportedly be called "No Ordinary Proposal" and "No Ordinary Love." [SpoilerTV]


The Cape

Executive producer Tom Wheeler teased that an upcoming episode is very tense, complete with an X-Files vibe. The show will continue to flesh out Vince Faraday's lost love in flashbacks that show him in happier times with his family. More minor hints and tidbits at the link. [Examiner]



Here's the synopsis for episode 13, "Unforgiven": [SpoilerTV]

DEAN FINDS OUT ABOUT SAM'S LIFE WHEN HE HUNTED WITH SAMUEL - Sam (Jared Padalecki) starts to have flashbacks to a case he worked on with Samuel (guest star Mitch Pileggi) before he reconnected with Dean (Jensen Ackles). Sam receives a mysterious text with coordinates to a small town, so the brothers decide to investigate. Dean is surprised when the townspeople start telling him some of the things Sam did while he lived there.


Sebastian Roche considers whether his character, the angel Balthazar, is a hero or a villain:

"I don't know. It seems like he's taking advantage of his powers. I don't think he's a bad guy – I think he sees an opportunity and takes it. He's much more mercurial than Castiel. He's more of a believer in the beauties of life.
He's an epicurean angel, I'd say; a lover of the good things in life."


[ontd_spnparty LiveJournal]

Costar Jim Beaver continues to tweet spoilers, saying a plane headed to the Vancouver set is "full of angels and hunters." Another twitterer reveals Rufus, Bobby Singer, and Castiel are all appearing in the episode currently filming. [@jumblejim & @canadagraphs]



Although I don't think there's too much new information, this article gives a great roundup of everything you need to know about the upcoming BBC science fiction show. [Beehive City]


Being Human (UK)

Here's some series three cast photos: [SpoilerTV]

And here's a lengthy description of episode 2, "Adam's Family":

Most teenagers are reliant on their parents – for lifts, dinner and money – but teenage vampire Adam is more reliant than most: he needs to drink his parents' blood to survive, in BBC Three's hit drama.

With his mother having passed away a few years ago, and his father now seriously ill and frail in hospital, Adam is hungry. In an attempt to avoid a randy teenage vampire hunting for blood on the streets, werewolf couple Nina and George take him in temporarily – hoping that Mitchell might be able to help him.

An immature vampire is the last thing that Mitchell needs. The Old Vampires have tracked him down through a local agent, and have made him an offer that would see him leave his past far behind. With the aftermath of the Box Tunnel 20 continuing to haunt him, it's tempting. But it would mean leaving Annie, and she has other plans for her new-found hero.

Appointing herself as Mitchell's guardian angel after he gallantly rescued her from purgatory, Annie has made it her mission to help him – and a new job is first on the list. Help from a ghost, however, could turn out to be more of a hindrance...

When Adam's father dies, it's the end of his reliable food supply. Determined to help him, George and Nina leave him in the care of vampire couple Richard and Emma, who have devised a way to feed without killing. Their plush country house, however, conceals a lifestyle that is less than savoury.



Being Human (US)

Here's another sneak peek at the upcoming Syfy remake: Click to view

Executive producer Jeremy Carver explains why they're not worried about any comparisons being made to Twilight, which also stars a vampire, a werewolf, and a young woman:

"Not a moment of pause in that way - if we're talking between the lines to each other. What we love about the show is how grounded it is. It's set in an urban environments. Our characters are all living double lives. There's a certain grittiness due to the realism to the show that peels off our show from competitors."



Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)

Battlestar Galactica/Dollhouse/Torchwood writer Jane Espensen and Warehouse 13/Dexter writer Drew Z. Greenberg are writing the pilot for Syfy's upcoming remake of the cult 1970s BBC detective show, in which a murdered cop teams up with his former partner to solve crimes from beyond the grave. [EW]



Here's some promo photos for episode 4, "Unholy Alliance": [SpoilerTV]

Here's a pair of interviews with stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin: [SpoilerTV]
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Here's a look at The Mummy actor Oded Fehr as Eli Cohn, a former Mossad agent turned radical anti-alien insurgent: [IGN]

Episodes 5, 6, 7, and 8 will reportedly be called "Concordia", "Siege", "Birth Pangs", and "Uneasy Lies The Head", respectively. [SpoilerTV]



A ton of photos have been released for episode 12, "Collateral", which sees the return of Chloe and the more comics-friendly pairing of Green Arrow and Black Canary: [SpoilerTV]


For more on this emerging love triangle, check out the link.

Here's a synopsis for episode 13, "Beacon":

Clark (Tom Welling) is surprised to see Martha (Annette O'Toole) on the news speaking at a pro-vigilante rally. However, surprise quickly turns to horror when he and Lois (Erica Durance) watch as Martha gets shot on national television. Meanwhile, Lionel (John Glover) reveals himself to the world and reclaims LuthorCorp from Tess (Cassidy Freeman) and Oliver (Justin Hartley). Lois and Chloe (Allison Mack) decide to cheer Clark up by showing him videos from thousands of vigilante supporters professing their support for The Blur. Videos were created and submitted by actual "Smallville" fans...



Additional reporting by Katharine Trendacosta and Charlie Jane Anders.



That Breaking Dawn picture reminds me of that PBS continuation of Anne of Green Gables which had a sex scene with Gilbert.