Our First Good Look at Gen: Lock Is High on David Tennant, Low on Giant Robots

David Tennant stars as a very different kind of Doctor in Gen: Lock.
David Tennant stars as a very different kind of Doctor in Gen: Lock.
Image: Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth’s next animated series is set to take us to a far future of giant robot action. But our first real good look at the show is surprisingly mecha-free—instead, focusing on the show’s equally surprising major cast.

Rooster Teeth just dropped the first full scene from Gen: Lock—which, full disclosure, includes writing from io9 contributor Evan Narcisse. It sees mecha mastermind Doctor Fuller (voiced with an almost Scrooge McDuck-ian level of Scottish brogue by DuckTales and Doctor Who’s own David Tennant) meeting the bright young candidates for his pilot program, hoping to bring about a new era of mecha users to aid in a war humanity is currently on the losing side of.

As well as Tennant, we also get to briefly hear from a few more of the show’s impressive voice talent, including Maisie Williams’ hacking maestro Cammie McCloud, and of course, Michael B. Jordan as Gen: Lock’s protagonist, Julian Chase. Which, fine, sure, if you’ve got a cast like that, you probably wanna show that off before the giant robots! At least we get a few in the sizzle real at the end.


Gen: Lock is currently set to land on Rooster Teeth January 26, 2019.

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