Meet Fara — an Eastern black rhino that was born in Britain's Chester Zoo this past weekend. Here are some amazing pics, along with remarkable footage taken of her birth.

All images via Chester Zoo

Fara was born on the morning of January 31. Her mother is 17-year-old Kitani and her father is 15-year-old Sammy.


Sadly, due to poaching, there are only 650 Eastern Black Rhinos remaining in the wild.

Here's a 50-second video of the birth, including the first tender moments as Kitani overlooks her newborn calf:

Chester Zoo mammal curator Tim Rolands had this to say:

Kitani's delivery was textbook. We got a 'maternity suite' ready for her with deep sandy floors and beds of hay but ultimately she chose her own spot.

The footage has enabled us to witness this really special moment and both mum and youngster are doing really, really well.

Every birth is cause for great celebration but given that Eastern black rhino face a real threat of extinction our new arrival is even more significant. The calf is super important to the breeding programme in Europe and her arrival is another step towards sustaining a black rhino population which, in the wild, is being ravaged by poachers on an almost daily basis.


Fara has an older sister, Asani, who was born at the zoo in 2008.

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