Illustration for article titled Our favorite Star Wars comic will get a chance to end with a bang after all

Star Wars: Legacy ends this month. We've been dreading a rushed conclusion to our favorite Star Wars comic. But now creators Ostrander and Duursema promise a miniseries that'll end the series in style... and maybe kill off tons of characters.


The miniseries will be called Star Wars: Legacy — War, which is a somewhat clunky title, but so we're delighted that we won't be left hanging that we don't really care. Says writer John Ostrander:

"Legacy-War" stands alone. I'm making no guarantees that anyone will survive the end of it. That's usually hype, but readers should take that very very seriously. Could there be a successor? Depends on sales, response, and Dark Horse's plans. However, Jan and I are taking all the stops out in this story. There are no plans for anything "Legacy" after this. That's how we're creating it.


And the above image is your first sneak peek at the comic's cover. [MTV, thanks Lzikavazo!]

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