Our Favorite Star Trek Tributes, Spoofs and YouTubes

With the opening of Abrams' Trek comes an outpouring of fan vids. We picked out our favorite submissions including Breakfast Club Trek, old Star Trek updated Abrams style and a Theremin Trek jam session.

Trekkie plays Star Trek theme on Theremin

Starship Enterprise Destroyed By The Death Star


(T)Raumschiff Surprise

Trek Yourself: What If Star Trek Was A Teen Comedy

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Star Trek Themed Remixed

Lost Meets Star Trek


First one points out the problems I had with the movie. I had to bite my tongue because I wanted to yell out, "STEADY THE CAMERA!" at the screen. Good God, I hate that style of directing. The problem is not as noticeable when the movie is a small indie flick. However, when it's supposed to be an epic, larger than life sci-fi extravaganza, it's glaring. If the unsteady hand cam is bad on a regular movie screen, how is it on an IMAX screen?