Our Favorite Science-esque Toys From Toy Fair

Plush food chain dolls that live inside a predators mouth, bikes that ride atop water bug watches and a tiny snow lab? Yes, these are our favorite "sciencey" toys from New York Toy Fair 2009.

We seriously want to be a kid again if that means we can wear a watch with a real live bug in it to dinner and not have to worry about it getting loose, which in turn would make us banned for life from said restaurant. We're talking about one of Insect Lore's many buggy goodies, but we love the bug watch most of all (there are plenty more in the gallery).


We'd next like to address the "AquaSkipper" from Inventist. Here is the video of what this bike claims to achieve:

A bike you can "skip" or "bounce" above the water? SHENANIGANS. We call shenanigans all over this! This is fairy magic trickery. Because if such a thing did exist, why aren't there 100 youtube videos of girls bouncing around atop the water in little bathing suits? I rest my case.

Also interesting from Inventist are the Orbit Wheel shoes. We tried to take a picture but fell over a lot trying to operate them... so you should probably just watch a video of the professional.

Another favorite was the HexBug which are Micro Robotic Creatures, and preeeetty creepy.


Our least favorite "toy" (or better put in this case, model) is going to have to be a tiny model of "Little Boy" -the atomic bomb signed by some of the crew of the Enola Gay. I'm all for remembering and respecting history, good or bad, but I don't need a tiny model of the weapon that wiped out over 100,000 people in my study. It's disturbing and a bit tactless. Surely there are better ways to remember this tragedy.


But, all in all, we left very happy, after seeing the countless chem lab sets and the Food Chain Friends plush dolls that teach us that friends and dinner can be pals in toy world.

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