Our favorite new hacker gives good honeypot on Person of Interest

Last night's Person of Interest, "Root Cause," was a number-of-the-week tale of political intrigue and 1337 haX0r drama. And you know we can't resist 1337 haXORz. That's why we're raising our scotch glasses to Root, a hacker with good taste in nailpolish and a fiendish interest in getting Finch stuck in her honeypot.

Our number of the week was a guy named Powell, who has just lost his job. He's so desperate for work that he takes a shady gig that turns out to be a "we're going to set you up as the guy who tried to kill a politician" job. Seems that a politician's sleazy aid, working with our new favorite überhaXOR, named (wait for it) Root, is going to frame Powell for attempted assassination.


When Finch tries to figure out our hacker's IP address, he zooms into her computer . . . only to find out he's caught in a honeypot! It sounds so dirty, doesn't it? If you actually know what a honeypot is, you will be grumpy. But whatever. Hacking! It's all just a bunch of stuff!

Also, don't fuck with Root. She has a voice modification machine and she knows your ex-wife's email address. At least, that's what we find out when Sleazy Politician Helper Guy calls her up and asks why patsy Powell is still alive, thanks to Reese and Finch's meddling.

Meanwhile, Finch has brought Zoe Morgan back to help out with the case - she's the awesome "cleaner" type who gave Reese a run for his money in an episode last year. So we've got Female Reese and Female Finch going on in this episode.

By the way, they managed to save Powell and hopefully have ditched Fusco for good now that Carter is playing Cop Gofer. (Please can she have a cooler role that that? She is so badass.) Also, Root is totally flirting with Finch using the UNIX talk utility - erm, I mean IRC. Love that black nailpolish.


Here is my absolute number one fantasy. Root is the grown-up version of Veronica Mars' hacker friend Mac, who is now working with Keith Mars, AKA Elias. This will make no sense in terms of Veronica Mars, but will cause all the fans of that late lamented show to become so excited that they'll have fainting spells. Also, every schoolteacher mob boss needs a smart-mouthed hacker sidekick.

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