Earlier this week, NASA uploaded an incredible treasure trove of images to a new gallery on Flickr: unprocessed photographs from all of the manned Apollo missions. They represent an incredible look into what the astronauts saw on their missions to the moon.

NASA’s astronauts are known for taking some of the world’s best pictures, but this gallery is a chance to see the raw results: untouched and unprocessed pictures of space. They’re high-resolution images that are perfect for reprocessing.


You can check out the entire gallery here, but we’ve pulled out some of our favorites from the over 8,400 images:

Apollo 7

S-IVB stage during rendezvous maneuvers.

Rendezvous with the S-IVB stage.

Looking down into the clouds.

Apollo 8


Lunar Surface.

Looking back on the way home.

Apollo 9

Lunar Lander rendezvous and extraction.

Russell Schweickart’s EVA.

Apollo 10

The lunar surface.

Command Module Charlie Brown.

Apollo 11

Buzz Aldrin on the ride out.

Neil Armstrong, shortly after landing.

Buzz Aldrin carrying sensors.

LEM returning home.

Apollo 12

Astronaut on the lunar surface.

Lunar surface


Astronaut Alan Bean.

Earth on the ride out.

Lunar Module landing

Apollo 13

Damaged parts.

Lunar Lander, unused.

Apollo 14

Lunar EVA

Commander Alan Shepherd Jr.

Lunar experiments


Apollo 15


Lunar mountains

Astronaut and Lunar Rover

Astronaut, LEM and Lunar Rover

Apollo 16

Astronaut Thomas Mattingly

Commander John Young



Apollo 17

Commander Gene Cernan

Commander Eugene Cernan during Lunar EVA

Pilot Ron Evans retrieving film canisters.

Command Module

Cernan, post EVA.


Photo Credits: NASA

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