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Jamie Foxx has made a short film called "...And She Was My Eve." Which he has called, "Frankenstein on acid." We have some pressing questions.


First, please watch for yourself:


Here are our questions:

  • What kind of college offers a Masters in Creativity?
  • Are the ingredients to his robot Candy, Apple and Brown?
  • What sort of high tech robotics require yarn?
  • Was that an eye menagerie?
  • Why does the scientist have a USB port in his chest?
  • What is outside, oh wait they answered that... uncertainty.
  • Why does the nosey neighbor have a CLOVEN FOOT?
  • Why was the scientist arrested? For playing with dolls?
  • Did the robot just make more life in the form of two more robot girls, and did he just KILL THEM?

This actually gets us pretty excited for Foxx's new horror series on Syfy that he's producing, writing and directing, because this is INSANE. With Foxx around, we can at least guarantee that it won't be boring.

Special thanks to Drew Taylor and Rob Bricken.

[via Yahoo and Indie Wire]


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