Our Best Look Yet at Pacific Rim Uprising's Beautiful New Giant Robots

Image: Bandai

Yesterday, Legendary unveiled the host of new Jaegers that will be the giant, metallic stars of Pacific Rim Uprising. Now we’ve got some official pictures of the toys that let us get up close and personal with the next iteration of badass, big-screen, monster-fighting mecha.

Although five mecha are on display at Comic-Con this year, Bandai’s only officially unveiled three of the upcoming “Robot Spirits” action figures for them, which will be 6-inches tall and retail for $30 each. There’s the main mecha, Gipsy Avenger, the spiritual successor to the first Pacific Rim’s lead robot Gipsy Danger:


Bracer Phoenix, a bulky, thickly armored robot:

And finally Titan Redeemer, who not only looks like a total brute, but also has a goddamn spiky ball for a hand that it hurls around as a giant morning star.


I’m already sold. But giant robots with morning stars? Sold even harder. All three of these figures are due to hit shelves in February, to coincide with the release of Uprising.



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