Ötzi The Frozen Man's 9 To 5 Revealed

Ötzi, the frozen remains of the Neolithic man we've all grown to know and love, finally has a job. According to scientists, Frozen Fritz was a herder. Besides dining on unleavened bread and meat and donning the latest in 5,000-year-old moccasin wear, Ötzi spent his time herding sheep and cattle (deduced from his dress, and animal hair found with him, among other things). I smell a TV series: Someone please make an NBC show about Ötzi's daily grind at his job, The Office-style. [Live Science]


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Dr Emilio Lizardo

They did make a show about it. It was called "Cavemen." Do we really want to go there again or can we just consider "Knight Rider" our quota for sucky TV.