Other Space Is Basically Red Dwarf USA, Take Two

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Despite Paul Feig's immense Hollywood success, he's only created one television show — the legendary Freaks and Geeks. That changes on April 14th when his second series, Other Space, debuts on Yahoo Screen. As this first trailer reveals, it's basically Red Dwarf.


There are worse things for a show to emulate than the cult favorite British scifi comedy, but it's still a little uncanny. This ay be because we're all still scarred by the American adaptation of Red Dwarf Fox tried to make in the early '90s, which was terrible. At a glance, Other Space looks significantly better than Red Dwarf USA — the inclusion of a shaggy Joel Hodgson in a jumpsuit is a major plus — even if that's not saying much.


Of course, it also doesn't quite come to the original Red Dwarf series at its prime, but what does? We'll see what Other Space has to offer when it blasts off next week

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John Hazard

Reminds me a little more of a bad American Hyperdrive. I bet if you looked at clips of Hyperdrive it wouldn't look funny, but it's actually really funny.