Other NBC Shows Could Teach Bionic Woman A Few Things

Our truncated TV season will soon draw to a close. Luckily, all of the network TV shows seem to be drawing all of their loose ends together towards some sort of climax/cliffhanger, judging from this week's episodes. All except one: Bionic Woman. Minor spoilers follow.

If you were going to judge from the above promo clip, the plot of Wednesday's Bionic Woman is that Jaime crashes her motorcycle and the annoying tech guy says something annoying. But according to the TV listings, there's way more to the episode than that: Jaime and her sister go to a spa resort for a vacation. But Jaime gets "drawn into a deadly cat-and-mouse game with another guest." I'm picturing lots of bionic mud-pack battles.

But if you're looking for an example of how to build your narrative to a climax, you only have to check out NBC's line-up tonight. In Chuck, Chuck's old frenemy Bryce turns up after supposedly dying in the first episode. (Bryce is the guy who inflicted the spy database on Chuck's brain.) And then in Heroes, Hiro goes after the guy who killed his dad: Adam. But the 400-year-old villain is supposedly helping Peter avert that viral apocalypse thingy. And in Journeyman, Dan's brother is trying to have him committed. And a serial killer that Dan put in prison during one of his jaunts to the past stalks Dan's family.


Then Friday night has two new episodes of Sci-Fi Channel shows. On Flash Gordon at 8, Dale Arden becomes possessed. And on Stargate Atlantis, McKay's sister gets kidnapped and the team has to go back to Earth to rescue her.

Meanwhile, some pretty good movies are on this week. Like The Matrix, on Sci-Fi at 6 PM today. Relive the gothy fetish love. Tuesday at 3:30 PM, there's Pitch Black, the first Riddick movie on Sci-Fi. And Tuesday at 7 PM has Armageddon, on FX. You can relive the start of Kevin Spacey's slump with K-Pax on Thursday at 11 PM on Sci-Fi. But best of all, there's Timecop, that classic Van Damme knuckle duster with the awesome deadly-kitchen scene, at 8 PM Saturday on Spike.

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