Newly-announced Caprica cast member Patton Oswalt knows his stuff when it comes to science fiction... So why does he think that Gene Kelly is more science-fictional than Harrison Ford?

Talking to AMC's Jennifer Vineyard, Oswalt explained what appealed to him about science fiction as a genre:

That you can do things in the genre that you can't in a straight-ahead movie or TV show, like arguments about God and abortion. But in Battlestar, because it's the end of the human race, they can. All of that hidden stuff, I love it.

And I love the part about what happens to human beings. Ray Bradbury pointed out that Star Wars is not science fiction, it's an adventure story set in space. Singing in the Rain is a science fiction film, because you have the world as it is, then sound is introduced. What happens to people now that this new thing is there? That's all science fiction is.


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