Illustration for article titled iOstiary /iIs a Lonely, Arresting Glimpse Into Life on an Alien Planet

What would it really be like to live alone on an alien world? Stranded, struggling to survive? And what would it be like when you find something on that world that’s transcendent, and bizarre, and impossible to explain?


Ostiary, a short film created by Ghaffar Studios (a solo project of Danish Ghaffar), seeks to answer that question. In its moody nine minutes, it is lush, creepy, and lonely. Soundtracked by lovely ambient music and drenched in purples and blacks, it’s a fascinating, beautiful little film.

Like a lot of short films, it’s light on answers or context, but it more than makes up for that with mood and style. As the work of one person, in particular, this is impressive, crisp animation. It’s definitely worth watching.


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