Oscar Isaac Goes Through a Bizarre Superhero Origin in the Intriguing Short Film Lightningface

Image: Still via Vimeo
Image: Still via Vimeo

You might be more use to seeing him behind the controls of an X-Wing, dancing with robots, or fighting the X-Men, but this short film is quite unlike anything you’ve seen Oscar Isaac done before—and it’s very weird and wonderful.


Directed and written by Brian Petsos, Lightningface is the strange origin story of the titular superhero—a.k.a. Basil Stitt, a man who one day gets hit in the face with lightning. It’s not exactly a radioactive spider, but it gets the job done in kickstarting Stitt’s transformation from ordinary man to... well, let’s just say less ordinary.


Lightningface might be billed as a superhero origin but it’s much more than that—it’s haunting and perplexing, and very unnerving, in all the right ways, as Basil slips further into madness before being reborn as the titular hero. If anything, it’s an excuse to watch Isaac act his proverbial socks off in some very weird ways.


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