Orson Scott Card Explains The Problem With Iron Man

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"I really hate superhero comics. Then Marvel comes to me with this character, and when they told me what it was I said, "Wow, that is even dumber than most superhero comics." This guy is the head of a multi-million dollar international corporation — that's a full-time job. He is also a scientist-inventor-engineer — that's a full-time job. And he wears a suit and goes out and save people? But then I found out I could give him a childhood — that's what I do. So that worked for me." — Orson Scott Card to SciFi Scanner, on writing Ultimate Iron Man


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I have such mixed feelings on OSC.

On one hand, I grew up reading his stuff. As a writer, and probably as a person too, I'm TOTALLY influenced by his books. When I was in 5th grade, the guy was my HERO.

On the other hand, he's an ultra conservative, hatemongering prick. I didn't know about this until about a year ago though.