The revelations about the Castor Clones just keep on coming. While Sarah finds herself in her latest vat of hot water and tries to talk her way into escape, several of the other characters make disturbing discoveries related to the Castor biology and how it affects other people.

I know Alison isn’t in this episode, but Donnie made her a campaign ad. Isn’t that sweet?

Alright, let’s get down to twin business. At the start of “Scarred by Many Past Frustrations,” Helena and Sarah have been reunited in the Castor brig. Giving the pair adjoining cells? Not their smartest move.

The reunion isn’t exactly a happy one. While Helena initially didn’t believe that Sarah had sold her out to the soldier boys, she and her mind scorpion eventually became convinced. And honestly, Sarah doesn’t help matters much.

Throughout the series, Sarah has been portrayed as a master manipulator, someone who can worm her way out of any situation because of her uncanny ability to read people. But she’s never really turned the charm on Helena. When they first met and Helena was alternately mooning over Sarah and threatening to kill her, Sarah did nothing to disguise her contempt for her. It was only after she discovered that Helena was her twin that Sarah was able to approach her with earnestness, and ultimately win her over.


Now that the sisters have been separated for a while, they’re vulnerable to lies about one another. Dr. Coady tells Sarah that Helena finds captivity comforting. She also has her soldiers hold Sarah down and snag a blood sample from her. It’s practically a tax on Sarah’s action at this point.

It’s an idea that Sarah throws in Helena’s face as an insult. Of course, we’ve been watching Helena, and we know that she’s been casing the place looking for an escape.


Much of the episode is spent with Sarah trying to rebuild her relationship with her sister, in part so that Helena will help her escape. But Sarah also has another reunion, and this one is considerably less happy. Paul storms into her cell, furious that she’s put herself in this situation. Sarah, for her part is furious that Paul is working with a group of men who run around assaulting women.

Paul tries to convince the women (and himself), that he’s on the side of the angels. He’s just trying to help a group of men who are very ill. He tells Helena that her mercy killing of last week’s lab rat was murder. But later, when he stares meditatively at the soldier’s body, he’s not so sure. And then when he picks up the dead man’s black log book and sees the names and hair samples inside, he realizes that there may be something sinister going on, something that’s been hidden from him.


After this episode, I’m really curious as to what the Castor sex talk was like. Dr. Coady’s debriefing of Mark feels, in many ways, parallel to Bonnie taking Gracie back into the fold, just with fewer insults. Coady assures him that his relationship with Gracie wasn’t real, and reaffirms that his only true family is his Castor family. Then she ushers him into life as a sexually active clone by handing him his own black log book, where he’s supposed to record the names of all his sexual contacts. (We find out why later.)

Back in the cells, Sarah finally decides to get earnest with Helena after all. She tells Helena the story of how Kira ended up in Siobhan’s custody. It turns out that Sarah skipped town because she was angry with Siobhan and wanted to prove a point. So she spent a year away from Kira because of a stupid grudge against her mother. Is Helena really willing to give up time together because she and her scorpion are peeved at Sarah?


The speech seems to work at first, and the Wonder Twins get their butts in gear, mounting their escape. It’s all fun and wall climbing until Helena kills one of the guards, jamming his head into a spike. Sarah shudders, highlighting the chasm that still exists between the sisters. Killing is easy for Helena, but violent death is a difficult thing for Sarah to witness.

But she holds her tongue, instead demanding that Helena let her out. When she realizes that Helena intends to escape without her, Sarah panics and makes a terrible mistake. She should be telling Helena how much she wants them to be together, how hard she worked to find Helena. Instead, she says, “You’ve got nobody.”


Bad move.

Helena does feel a twinge of regret as she scales the wall of the Castor compound, but by then it’s too late to go back for Sarah. She and her mind scorpion hop over the top of the wall.


Of course, there’s a lot happening away from the Castor compound — like Cosima going on a date! She goes on her first Internet date with Shay (Lost Girl’s Ksenia Solo!), who happens to be pretty and a holistic healer, just when Cosima is exploring her spiritual side. In-ter-es-ting.

I can’t help but wonder if Scott has been telling tales out of school. Oh, and someone is spying on their date. Obviously.


Meanwhile, Gracie, expelled from her home, decides that, abomination or not, Sarah is the only person she can trust. She shows up on Art’s doorstep, and Art brings her to Siobhan, who doesn’t hesitate to take her in. Felix isn’t exactly thrilled.

Gracie and Siobhan bond pretty quickly, and Siobhan shares a story Felix has never heard before, about how Mr. S. died in a bar fight when they were young and newly married. Another short page in the biography of Siobhan Sadler gets filled in.


Still, Gracie is itching to get out and experience life. She’s not sure how non-Proletheans live their lives, but she’s pretty sure it involves skimpy clothes and Mai Tais.

Fortunately, Siobhan is able to convince her to stay with music and alcohol, and we get a non-clone dance party.


It’s a short-lived moment of levity, however. Art visits the woman Rudy and Seth attacked a few episodes back, and she’s sick, her eyes bloodshot. She ruefully notes that, for all she knows, it was the Castor boys who made her sick. And she’s not the only one.

Gracie collapses while dancing, and the EMTs discover that her eyes are bloodshot as well.


It appears that there is something in the Castor physiology that can make their sexual partners ill. And Sarah, with her unique biology, just got herself stuck in the arm. What precisely is Dr. Coady trying to learn from her?