When did Alison and Donnie's house become the hotspot for all of Orphan Black's violent interrogations? Somehow Alison decides to confront her husband directly about his possible spy activities right before the neighborhood potluck. Meanwhile, Cosima meets a transhumanist who may know more than he lets on. Spoilers ahead!

This episode of Orphan Black planted us firmly in Alison's world, as Alison decides to pull the Patty Duke routine in the middle of a potluck being hosted at her home. But instead of getting up to fun sitcom hijinks, Sarah and Alison are trying to suss out whether Donnie is a monitor while keeping the neighbors from learning that Alison has tied her husband up in the basement craft room.


After watching the footage from the nanny cam (note to Alison: invest in a larger memory card), Alison learns that Donnie got up in the middle of the night and didn't return to bed for hours. She decides to start a dialogue about his absence right as he's trying to make last-minute arrangements for the potluck, and ends up so frustrated and scared that she whacks him upside the head, knocking him out cold. He wakes in the craft room, tied to a chair with a manic Alison waving a hot glue gun at him. Under different circumstances, this might be kinky, but Donnie acts mystified by Alison's questions about the contents of his lock box and isn't exactly thrilled when she drips hot glue on his chest. So Alison calls in the reinforcements, meaning Sarah.

Sarah, Alison, and Cosima are acting rather sisterly these days. Alison and Sarah seem to have bonded over Kira (plus, Sarah's the only person Alison feels like she can really talk to), and when Sarah warns Cosima to stay away from her new potential friend, Cosima snipes, "Yeah, the old 'do as I say, not as I do.'" It's almost like they're family.


Alison, still in her PJs, tries to play hostess to her neighbors while Sarah, as Alison, interrogates Donnie downstairs. But everyone can see she's visibly frazzled (No gift bags? The horror!), and her friend Aynesley, a one-woman Wisteria Lane, urges her to take a happy pill. It would seem that Beth is not the only one who occasionally self-medicates. Alison goes from frazzled to drunk to trashed in about no time flat. Sarah does her best interrogating Donnie, but to no avail, although she feels so protective of Alison that she starts screaming at Donnie for the way he treats his wife, "Your wife is the rock of this family!" It's not entirely clear whether Sarah means Donnie's family or her own.

Sarah and Alison come to believe that Donnie isn't a monitor after all. Sarah figures that, since Paul is a badass who came into Beth's life just a few years ago and Donnie is a soft suburbanite whom Alison has known since high school, he couldn't be a monitor. Unhappy and drunk, Alison passes out on the couch. Felix has his own monitor suspect, though: Ainsley. Ainsley constantly zooms in on Alison/Sarah, though she seems to be interested in nothing more than complaining about her terrible husband, the grabby Chad.


Meanwhile, Paul, oh Paul. How did you go from the most milquetoast character on this show to the guy we should watch out for? He tells Sarah that he got into trouble while he was a civilian contractor in Afghanistan, and insists that he was serious about taking her away to Rio when he thought she was Beth. But later at the apartment, he crushes up some of Beth's old pills and mixes them into a bottle of whiskey. Then, ominously, he tells Olivier that Beth tried to swallow a handful of pills. He wants to know, if "Beth" kills herself, will Olivier consider him at fault? Olivier tells him, "As long as the subject makes her own decisions, there are no wrong choices." Does that mean that, if Sarah dies of an overdose while Olivier believes her to be Beth, Paul is released from his obligations?

Both Paul and Vic find Sarah at Alison's house, but Paul also finds one other person: Alison, still passed out on the couch. When Vic and Paul run into each other, each one thinks the other has information (or in Vic's case, money) that he wants, though Paul is a better bluffer than Vic. Although Vic appears on the scene with a gun, Paul is the one who ends up interrogating him in Alison's garage at the point of a nail gun. Two thoughts on this: 1) Donnie and Alison's house is far more easily weaponized than I would have expected and 2) bad things keep happening to Vic's hands, huh? Aynesley catches Sarah with Paul in the garage, and Sarah, still playing Alison, passes it off as an affair. For all of her talk of her own hubby having an affair, Aynesley's eyes go wide. "You're right," she says. "This is none of my business."


Later that night, Donnie is miraculously forgiving of Alison's little hostage crisis, and tells her a sad story about a girl he dated in college when he and Alison were broken up. He claims she developed lupus (It's never lupus) and that now he doesn't know where she is. The contents of the lockbox were the letters they sent each other. He cries, and Alison is won over. Of course, last episode, he wasn't exactly crying as he burned the papers from the lockbox. He was on the phone saying, "No, it's fine. Don't worry. I'll let you know if anything else comes up." Alison may have ruled him out as a monitor, but I'm still suspicious of Donnie boy.

At Beth's apartment, Sarah confesses to Paul that she, Alison, and Beth are all clones. He initially took out a pair of glasses and the drugged whisky, but after this revelation, he replaces it and pulls out a different bottle instead. "You should have told me that in the first place," he says, and takes a swig straight from the bottle.


But let's talk about Cosima! Finally, Cosima is getting some scenes that don't involve her talking about religious iconography over Skype. Ignoring Sarah's warning (and her own good sense), Cosima decides to keep hanging out with Delphine. The smoldering microbiologist invites Cosima to a lecture being given by Dr. Aldous Leekie (naturally, Delphine says she's going on the strength of his TED Talk). Leekie advocates a transhumanist philosophy he calls "Neolution," and he's followed around by packs of fans with bleached hair and one white contact lens, based on an off-handed joke he once made. He seems more showman and prophet than scientist, and at the reception afterward, Cosima doesn't hesitate to share her doubts with him. Leekie is charmed by Cosima's bold skepticism and invites her to check out the Dyad Institute, where he does his work.

After stealing a couple of bottles of wine from the reception, Delphine and Cosima have a flirty chat, which ends with Delphine bidding Cosima farewell with a slightly more than friendly kiss on the lips. Later, though, Delphine ends up in Leekie's hotel room, where it's clear that she already knows Leekie very well. Oh, Cosima. What have you gotten yourself into?