We got up close and personal with Olivier—and the thing in his pants—on this week's Orphan Black. Finally, we're getting closer to why the clones exist, and some answers lie in the Neolution nightclub. And Sarah finds herself involved in some truly bizarre sisterly bonding. Spoilers ahead.

No Alison this week; after cold clocking Donnie and tying him up in the craft room, they're off on a couples retreat fixing their marriage. That's okay, though, since there's still plenty of crazy to go around. Cosima and Sarah are already fighting about Delphine. Between long drags on her joint, Cosima assures Sarah that she's monitoring Delphine, and not the other way around. Good luck with that.


At one point after a fight, Cosima and Sarah hang up the phone, and each immediately snarls, "Bitch." It's supposed to be a clone moment, but it again feels like a sister moment to me. Or maybe they just bring out the similarities in one another.

Cosima's plot line continues to be a great one, as Delphine tries to steer her into the intellectual arms of Dr. Leekie. They "coincidentally" end up at the same restaurant as Dr. Leekie, and Delphine invites him to dine with them. Too, too perfect that Cosima's thesis is on epigenetic influences on cloned cells, and that she's from Berkeley. Leekie invites them both to apply to the Dyad Institute. Delphine seems pissed when Cosima doesn't jump at the opportunity.

"Don't you think it's time to admit what this is really about?" Cosima asks, and from the "oh shit" look on Delphine's face, I suspect she thought Cosima was going to out her as a monitor. But Cosima kisses her instead, prompting a flustered Delphine to flee.

Paul is off with Olivier, at a back room of Olivier's club, the aforementioned Neolution. Basically, Paul sits in front of a camera while Olivier asks him really intrusive questions about Beth and their relationship. Paul is trying to figure out what information he can glean from Olivier, but Olivier stonewalls him. He does warn Paul that someone is killing the subjects, although he doesn't elaborate on the who or the why.


Felix heads into the club looking for Paul and talks his way in, dropping Olivier's name to the silver-haired, one white-eyed hostess (obviously a Freaky Leekie). "You're not familiar with Neolutionism?" she asks. And Felix, in what is perhaps his best line in the series, deadpans, "Oh, there's an ism." She gives Felix the whole Neolution spiel and touts her…enhancements. Oh, and Olivier apparently has a tail.

Lest there was any doubt about the connection between Olivier and Dr. Leekie, Leekie conveniently gives Olivier a call. The results of that last test performed on Sarah do indeed confirm that she's not Beth. Olivier hauls Paul back to the club, but not before revealing that the woman killing the subjects looks just like Beth, suggesting they might suspect Sarah of being the clone killer.

Sarah, for her part, ends up bonding with two unlikely characters. First is Helena, who is still obsessed with Sarah after their last encounter. After Thomas nurses her back to health, Helena confesses that she wants to see Sarah again, that Sarah told her that Helena wasn't the original. Thomas acts disgusted. "It will say anything to justify its existence," he tells her, speaking of Sarah. He releases her into the wild, to kill another day.

But instead of killing Sarah, Helena invites her to lunch. "I dreamed that we were friends," she says, plunging her spoon into her Jell-O like a little kid. In an earlier episode, one of the profilers noted that Helena probably had a child-like quality due to abuse in her youth, and that's the Helena we're seeing here: a lonely girl who believes in magic and wants a best friend. She even pours sugar on her Jell-O. Who's a cute little psycho murderer?

Helena reveals that she was raised by Ukrainian nuns who rescued her from abandonment (a story that, we will see, somewhat parallels Sarah's). She also offers to let Sarah live if she gives Helena the names of the other clones. Later, she hangs out in Beth's apartment, pretending she has Beth's life.


The other person Sarah bonds with is Mrs. S. After Sarah requested information on her past, Mrs. S gathered up what little she had about their lives back in Brixton. Mrs. S, it turns out, ran something of a safe house with a group of other women, helping women and children who were in danger and on the run. Sarah was one of those kids. A man named Carleton brought Sarah to Mrs. S's house, asking Mrs. S to hide her, though she claims she doesn't know why. When she had the opportunity to become a guardian, she became Sarah's guardian. It's was Carleton who told Mrs. S to move—to leave everyone she knew to keep Sarah safe. Amazing how it's taken all this to make these four—Mrs. S, Sarah, Felix, and Kira—feel like a family. I melted when Sarah finally gave Mrs. S a hug. Please be the paragon of virtue you seem to be, Mrs. S.

Olivier tries to convince Paul to lure Sarah in, telling him that his bad deeds in Afghanistan will be wiped from memory. But Paul warns Sarah instead, telling her that Olivier knows she's not Beth. He gets s syringe to the neck for his troubles. Sarah and Felix dash to Neolution to rescue him, summoning Helena for backup. Olivier is kind of creepily delighted to meet Sarah; he's never met one of the clones in person. He offers to show her his tail. As he's unhooking his pants, he calls Sarah "Our greatest achievement," greater than all of the enhancements Olivier and the Freaky Leekies have pulled off so far. Fortunately, we're all saved by a phone call from Leekie.


The Neolution hostess locks Sarah up, but Helena comes to her rescue. She still demands the name of a "sheep" (her word for clones), however, and Sarah gives her her own. When Olivier comes to see what's wrong, Helena overpowers him and does get a look at his tail, which is about as unattractive as you'd expect. It's no great loss when she cuts it off, but it does look painful.

Then Helena dances with the tail.

And Sarah and Paul make out.

And the cops are back! Art, I missed you and your sour face. The results are back on the DNA from Katja's body dump and Helena's blood, which are, naturally, a match. The cops initially figure this must be some kind of mistake; perhaps "Beth" contaminated the crime scene. They also find that (surprise, surprise) Beth's paperwork on the case is a total mess and that she didn't even log the fingerprints. Sarah was only delaying the inevitable; Art and Angie re-run the fingerprints and up pops Sarah Manning's record, with a photo that looks just like Beth.


Well, Sarah has gone back and forth on involving Art in this mess for a while now (Felix even called him for five seconds during this episode). Now the cops are involved whether she likes it or not. She should just hope that Art's as trustworthy as she thinks he is.