Original Star Wars Trilogy To Lunge Down Your Throat

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It's official: George Lucas is working on a 3-D version of the original Star Wars, because apparently you haven't given him enough of your money. I've got to wonder, why is this necessary? What will be added by seeing Luke wave his lightsaber into an audience? Oh right: he'll make crap-tons of cash. Now if they had Luke's actual severed hand fall into the crowd, that would be worth watching. Am I the only one yearning for some original Lucas work? Click through for more details on the 3D Star Wars.


According to ComingSoon, Jeffrey Katzenberg confirmed that George Lucas is looking to repurpose the six Star Wars episodes into the 3-D format. And Ain't It Cool News reports that footage already debuted many years ago of a 3-D Episode IV that was breathtaking. Neat, but why so much with the 3-D? I feel like Hollywood is desperately pushing the 3-D craze down audiences' throats just because the Hannah Montana concert in 3-D was so popular. Sorry, Brendan Fraser, we can't all be Miss Montana.

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We don't. We used to care. It used to mean something to our childhoods. Now we're all watching a train wreck.

I just can't... look... away!

(Seriously though, I literally won't go to the theater or pay any money for any of this. I don't care enough to).