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Original Star Trek Boss Doesn't Like The Enterprise's New Pilots

Illustration for article titled Original Star Trek Boss Doesnt Like The Enterprises New Pilots

The man who gave the greenlight to the original Star Trek has finally seen J.J. Abrams' reboot, and he's almost impressed... if only it wasn't for those damn actors.


Herb Solow, the former head of Desilu Studios, was asked by the BBC about his thoughts on the movie, and he didn't disappoint:

I really enjoyed finally meeting the young Kirk, the young McCoy, the young Scotty and the young Uhura, though I found the young Chekov a bit more hyper than we envisioned him to be. He was originally to be a rather plodding Russian astronaut with no sense of humour. But this young Chekov was much more lively and a bit of a caricature.

The young Sulu was of particular interest. Sulu was my namesake. Gene Roddenberry wanted to call him Solo - long before Han Solo made an appearance on screen, but we later changed it (my request!) to Sulu. I was a little disappointed in this performance. The original actor, George Takei, played the character with more grace and charm infused into his austerity.


So Sulu and Chekhov disappoint, but what about Zachary Quinto's new Spock?

The young Mr Spock was certainly commendable. But I missed the depth of Leonard's Spock, and the centuries of knowledge that always lurked in his eyes.

Overall, though, Solow wants to see the new version succeed, and not just because of any potential financial benefit for himself:

The single most emblematic phrase of our original series is 'Live Long and Prosper'. I hope the new series of movies will have that long life, and that Star Trek will continue to prosper.


Star Trek's ex-chief movie praise [BBC News]

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I always enjoy the "I loved it, I just didn't like anything about it" school of film commentary.