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Original Sarah Connor Back To Kick More Robot Butt?

Illustration for article titled Original Sarah Connor Back To Kick More Robot Butt?

Click to viewWill we seen the original Sarah Connor again? Rumor has it that Linda Hamilton may be making appearances in not one but in all three of the Terminator movies currently in various states of production, with studio sources claiming that Hamilton will be back in flashback scenes where Christian Bale fondly remembering the days when he and his mother used to flee from their lives from killer robots. Click through for more on the Hamilton situation.

Advertisement, which reported the initial rumor, was later told by Hamilton's people that she hadn't been approached for the Terminator 4: Salvation role or for any other future Terminator flick yet, but would be interested. I usually don't buy these rumors, but the hype for T4 is so great that I can't imagine why they wouldn't bring back the bad-ass momma if they had the chance. Personally, I'm all for the return of Linda Hamilton, so if this rumor opens the door for her return, I welcome it. If Arnold and Kyle Reese get to be in the new robot war, why not Linda?

Is Linda Hamilton In For Terminator: Salvation? [Pause]

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Linda was one of the best parts of the 1st two movies. She certainly had the most developed character. Its a shame to not at least have her make some flash back appearances to tie the entire series together.

@Hawkeye05: As for how she looks now, I think she has gotten older gracefully, and still looks lovely.