Original Metropolis Lives On In Berlin

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After more than eight decades, Fritz Lang's original cut of his classic movie Metropolis will be seen for the first time at next year's Berlin Film Festival, including 30 minutes of almost-unseen footage.

Lang's original cut had almost become an urban myth; after the movie bombing during its original release, the classic was re-edited and re-released by its studio, UFA, who excised almost half an hour of material. The outtakes were considered lost until the discovery of an uncut 16mm print last year that has since been restored by a team comprised of the Murnau Foundation as well as ZDF, Arte and the Deutsche Kinemathek.

The first screening of the uncut Metropolis since 1927 will take place at a gala on February 10th, 2010, as part of the Berlin Film Festival.


Berlinale to show uncut 'Metropolis' [Variety]

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John Hazard

Metropolis is one of my two favorite movies (next to Bride of Frankenstein). I've been waiting impatiently for this lost footage to be restored since I heard about it.

If you haven't watched the movie, and you're a little shy about silent or b&w films (my kids always complain) I recommend the Giorgio Moroder's 80's Pop-Rock version. Purists find it apocryphal, but I love it- Queen, Adam Ant, Pat Benetar, etc. with a little color tinting (which was actually done back in the day). #metropolis