Original Brazil Trailer Promises A Charming Film About "Taking a Stand"

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After Terry Gilliam's Brazil was butchered for American audiences, the studio promoted it with this trailer — which actually presents the film pretty accurately. Except for the trailer voiceover, which somehow makes the whole thing sound terribly charming.


The voiceover says, in part, "Do you wake from your finest fantasy, only to return to your daily nightmare? Is your mother about to look younger than you do? Does the woman of your dreams still have a few doubts? Then it's time to take a stand, to break out of your dull humdrum life... and into Brazil!"

The descriptions of the film are pretty dead-on, and the clips convey a sense of what happens, but the voice over just sounds way too perky, and seems to be promising something a bit more empowering than what we actually get. You can see how someone who watched this trailer might not be prepared for the film's real, proper ending.


And for those who think endings aren't that important, Brazil is a fascinating case study in how much you can wreck a film just by screwing with the ending. Just get the Criterion Collection box set and watch the U.S. theatrical cut, and see for yourself.

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Is there a non-butchered version out there anywhere?