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We got a brief teaser earlier this week, but at long last we finally have our first look at Duncan Jones’ highly anticipated movie adaptation of the Warcraft video game series—and it’s jam-packed with gorgeous fantasy goodness.

Whether you’re a Warcraft fan that bleeds the blood of the Alliance or Horde, or someone who’s never even heard of Warcraft before, there’s a lot to love in this trailer—the first time that footage for the long-in-the-works film has actually been publicly unveiled (although it’s not the first time footage has been shown). There’s fantastic vistas, spectacular cities, and some ridiculously-brutal looking action, and no doubt tons of easter eggs for fans to pick over in the months to come.


Movie adaptations of video games tend to suck, but somehow, I think this film might just break the cycle. We’ll find out for sure when Warcraft hits cinemas on July 10th, 2016.

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