Would die-hard science fiction fans like some fantasy novels if they gave them a chance? And would fantasy fans discover that they really love science fiction? Orbit Books' new promotion aims to find out. Orbit announced that everyone who buys the "bonus ebook edition" of The Dragon's Path by Daniel Abraham will receive a complimentary copy of the space opera Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey. And likewise, if you buy the "bonus ebook edition" of Leviathan Wakes, you get a free edition of The Dragon's Path.

Explains Orbit's Tim Holman in a press release: "Although the two genres are often categorized alongside each other, direct cross-promotion of new Science Fiction and Fantasy releases in this way is quite new. We're very excited to be giving readers the chance to discover both these exciting new series at the same time."


Fantasy readers may also be enticed to check out Leviathan Wakes by the glowing blurb by George R.R. Martin, of course. [Orbit Books]