For most men, the idea of their "little superhero" turning green with radioactive power is not exactly appealing. But once you introduce new Incredible Hulk tie-in toy the Hulk Power Glow Mask to the mix, expect to see that change almost immediately. If you're wondering exactly what a Power Glow Mask actually is, manufacturer Hasbro is more than willing to tell you.

Ad copy from Hasbro explains:

Your little superhero can "turn green" when he straps on this super cool mask and "becomes" one of his favorite good guys! Press the mask's button for glowing green eyes - just like the popular Hulk character! Hulk fury will greet everyone in this mask's path - complete with grit-mouthed grimace and straggly "hair"! Adjustable straps give a comfortable fit - and little imaginations can do the rest!


Wait, so all it takes to be the Hulk is having adjustable straps and little imagination? Couldn't you just imagine the straps as well, and save yourself a step?

Of course, for those parents who are worried about their children growing up with anger issues after pretending to be the green-tinged personification of one man's rage, there are alternatives that guide children towards future careers while still tying into to summer blockbusters. To wit, Hulk Operation:

Fix Hulk up, but don't set him off! Toxic Gas, Betty Butterflies and other ailments are really getting under Hulk's green skin. He's your patient, so grab those tweezers! Earn money by successfully removing funatomy parts. But don't set off the buzzer, or Hulk's eyes will glow green and he'll howl and growl!

When the parts are out and Hulk is healed, the richest doctor wins!

That's right; you too can make money by taking the fun out've the Hulk. Here's hoping that's not an omen for Ed Norton's remake.


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