Optical illusions are even better in 3D

So you're a fan of time-lapse videos, and it goes without saying that you love optical illusions... but have you ever wondered what happens when you combine the two?


One possible outcome is the video featured here, titled Flawed Symmetry of Prediction, as shot by Southern California artist Jeff Frost. Frost's video footage of the desert and abandoned houses in the American Southwest is certainly stunning in its own right, but it was his incorporation of three perspective-bending optical illusions — and his use of time-lapse as a medium to expose the reality behind those illusions — that really sold us. The third painting (beginning around 3:14) is particularly striking in this regard.

Frost described to us his creative process:

I have a serious case of wanderlust. My favorite thing to do is roam the deserts in search of abandoned buildings. When I find a room I particularly like, I set up camp there (sometimes literally), and proceed to paint a large mural on the inside of it.

[With this video], I was interested in depicting the limited nature of perception, and our use of it to determine reality. The idea that we are literally surrounded by hidden worlds, and that almost nothing appears to us as it actually is, absolutely fascinates me.


You'll find more of Frost's work on his website.

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giant enemy turtle

Can someone tell me if there is 3d here?

Because I can't see it, no I literally can not perceive 3d, because I only have one eye. I lost my right eye when I was 6, and you know, it never really bothered me. That is until every new movie started tacking on '3d' at the end of their titles!

Do you not what really sucks, paying an extra 4 dollars to watch a movie through plastic sunglasses, which I have to do because without the glasses the movie is just a blurry mess.

It also doesn't help that I wear glasses and can't really see crap without them, so I then have to fit those crappy little plastic 3d ones over my existing glasses!

In summation:Screw 3d!

That is all.